Becoming a member of FPCL is easy. The only things necessary are to be an NRA member, meet the NRA eligibility requirements for police competition, fill out the application, and pay the annual dues. All of the NRA rules can be found here. The specific eligibility requirements are as follows:


"1. Regular full time law enforcement officers of a regularly constituted law enforcement agency of a municipal, county, state or federal government. Full time salaried Transit Police; Penal Institution Guards; Industrial Police; including Bank Guards, and Armored and Express Company Guards. Full time Police
Firearms Instructors in Law Enforcement or Police Academies are eligible to compete in the respective police category. Official current identification from the agency employing a civilian full-time police firearms instructor will be required.
2. Persons employed as Industrial Police by private industry on a part-time basis, or where such employment is not the sole occupation of such person, may not compete in NRA Police Pistol Combat tournaments. 3. Officers of a regularly organized Reserve or Auxiliary named in (a) above provided that when on duty they are required to perform the same law enforcement functions and/or duties
as the Agency to which they are in reserve and are authorized to be armed by the appointing authority. Federal Flight Deck Officers who hold valid certifications.
5. Officers who qualify under subsections 1,2 & 3 of this section upon retirement and possessing retired credentials, may enter competition covered by these rules. Such retirees who are employed after retirement in any agency which qualifies for entry in NRA Police Pistol Combat competition may not compete as a retired officer, but may compete as a member of the organization in which they are presently serving.
6. Members of the Armed Forces of the United States , regular or reserve, private detectives, private body guards, honorary police or sheriffs, onsultants, or any other persons who are members of a body organized for ceremonial purposes may not compete in NRA Police Pistol Combat Tournaments regardless of the name given to such a body and regardless of the titles given such members.
7. Military Police: Members of the United States military meeting the following criteria shall be eligible to compete in NRA Police Pistol Combat tournaments:

a. The competitor must be currently assigned to a duly recognized Military Police unit of any of the armed forces of the United States and must have served continuously with that unit, or a similar unit, for a minimum of one year prior to entry into NRA sanctioned competition.
b. The competitor must hold a valid Military Occupation Specialty designation
identifying the competitor as a Military Police Officer, Investigator, Correctional Personnel, or the like. c. Eligibility pursuant to this subsection (f) shall apply equally to active duty regulars, reservists and members of the National Guard.

Eligibility Authentication: It is the competitor’s responsibility to have their Law Enforcement Credentials in their possession when entering and competing in Police Pistol Combat Tournaments." 1

1-2016 NRA Police Pistol Combat Rule Book sections 2.4 and 2.5